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One for all: Minneapolis BlowerDoor

Minneapolis BlowerDoor measurement systems feature outstanding precision and durability. They are universally applicable: With two fan sizes and the ability to combine several systems, the Minneapolis BlowerDoor is predestined for measuring air tightness in all building types and sizes. The BlowerDoor test for quality assurance is software-based, as is the measurement according to ISO 9972. Optionally, a semi-automatic or manual BlowerDoor measurement can be performed.

November 2022, characters: 1,245

Determination of Extinguishing Gas Holding Times With BlowerDoor FireProtection: New Features

The BlowerDoor FireProtection software is used to determine the holding time of extinguishing gases. The latest upgrade includes ISO 14520:2015 and ISO 14520:2006, EN 15004:2019 and EN 15004:2008 standards, as well as VdS 2380:2019-03 and VdS 2381:2016-06 guidelines. The free multilingual program enables cloud-based use in German, English or French on multiple computers in a team or group of companies. The new pricing is demand-based and easily calculable by charging one token per project. The test report can be almost completely individualized and adapted to the corporate design of the company.

September 2021, characters: 2,642

Innovation: The new DG-1000 Pressure Gauge

The new DG-1000 pressure gauge with high resolution touch screen, WLAN-module and micro-processor for firmware-updates free of charge

August 2017, characters: 1,325

Calibration lab of BlowerDoor GmbH is DAkkS-accredited

In addition to high-quality manufacturer’s calibration, BlowerDoor GmbH, as a DAkkS-accredited lab, now also offers the calibration of measuring gauges with DAkkS certification.
(April 2015)

Small but nifty: Minneapolis BlowerDoor MiniFan

The compact BlowerDoor Minifan Measuring System is new to the product range of BlowerDoor GmbH. With a weight of only 2.7 kg and a measuring range of 5 - 2,300 m³/h, the light, but powerful measuring fan is ideally suited for testing the airtight building envelope of individual residential units as well as very airtight or smaller buildings.
(July 2014)

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TECTITE Express optional with WiFi link

Planned to begin in mid-March 2014, all BlowerDoor Measuring Systems will com with a new version of the measuring technology as well as, upon request, WiFi Link for wireless data transmission.
(February 2014)

New: Bau.Tools with Sequential Analysis

All-season testing procedure for detecting leakages with BlowerDoor and thermography
(August 2013)

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