BlowerDoor FireProtection

Determination of extinguishing gas holding times

Fire safety is one of the areas where the use of BlowerDoor measurements is increasingly gaining in importance. In general, it is server rooms that are measured, where in the case of fire, this is quenched by special extinction gases. High-quality technology can thus be protected against damage from sprinkling or fire water. A prerequisite for the fire protection through extinction gases is an airtight room envelope. With the Minneapolis BlowerDoor measuring system and the FireProtection software, you can easily and accurately determine extinction gas holding times in rooms of angular volume.

Data sheet FireProtection

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The measurement procedure is based on the Door Fan Test. Using a BlowerDoor measurement system, the leakage location at constant pressure and the Door Fan Test are first performed with the TECTITE Express or TECLOG software. An air connection around the room to be measured is required for the fire protection measurement. The measurement data as well as the data of the subsequent Field Check Test are then read into the FireProtection software. The Field Check Test is another Door Fan Test with a defined additional leakage, which documents the correct setup and the proper function of the measuring system. Specific data such as the room height or the type of extinguishing gas used are entered directly into the FireProtection program. Based on the available data, the software calculates the holding time of the selected extinguishing gas.

New features

The FireProtection upgrade enables the determination of extinguishing gas holding times according to ISO 14520:2015 and ISO 14520:2006, EN 15004:2019 and EN 15004: 2008 as well as VdS 2380:2019-03 and VdS 2381:2016-06. With the free program, you can work cloud-based on demand in three different languages on multiple computers and with multiple employees of a team or a group of companies. The new pricing structure adapts to customer requirements with the charging of one token per project and is easy to calculate. In addition, every new customer receives a free sample measurement and can thus familiarize themselves with the free and intuitively operable program. The detailed test report can be almost completely individualized and adapted to the company's corporate design. Further features are, for example, the integration of calibration certificates into the test report as well as an extensive data and user administration for the needs-based mapping of company-specific workflows.

Main Functions

  • Determination of extinguishing gas holding times according to ISO 14520:2015 and ISO 14520:2006, EN 15004:2019 and EN 15004:2008, VdS 2380:2019-03 and VdS 2381:2016-06
  • Multilingual program (English, German, French)
  • Cloud-based data management and storage
  • Unlimited number of installations on different workstations
  • Individual configuration of report templates in docx and pdf file formats
  • Calculated and graphical display of measurement results in the test report
  • Optimized program interface with intuitive operation
  • Input of any number of measuring devices and the associated calibration certificates
  • Demand-oriented pricing by charging one token per project
  • Account and subscription management online


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