Our commitment to society

A selection of the projects we support

Project GOGEL (urgewald e. V.)
Financial institutions are key players in the climate crisis. Behind every new oil and gas field, pipeline, LNG terminal or gas power plant are banks, investors and insurers. Without them, these projects could not be realized. GOGEL aims to help turn financial institutions into responsible climate actors.

Bauhphysik experiments (e.u.[z.])
Currently, the residential sector consumes about 30 percent of total energy demand. The potential for savings, which can and should make an important contribution to environmental and climate protection, is great. The project "Building physics experiments - living without building damage with little heating energy" is supported by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) and also financed by sponsors. The aim of the project is to use simple experiments to communicate building physics in a generally understandable way and thus to reduce reservations about energy modernization measures.

E-bike with large-capacity trailer (Landheim Tellkampfschule Hannover e. V.)
An e-bike with large capacity trailer was purchased at the Landheim to promote the mobility turnaround. The bicycle will be used for environmentally friendly luggage transport from the train station to the hostel and back.

Since 1989, BlowerDoor GmbH has been advocating airtightness of building envelopes. Saving energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability for a viable future have been matters of great concern for us. We also strongly believe in supporting institutions and projects and have been engaged in sponsorship for several years now.

In our newsletter, we regularly report on the associations and projects we support. The newsletter is published and mailed two to four times a year.

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We are proud to sponsor...

Bergwaldprojekt e. V.
(dedicated to the protection, preservation, and maintenance of forests)

atmosfair gGmbH
(committed to climate protection by balancing, preventing, and compensating CO2 emissions)

urgewald e. V.
(advocate for environmental protection and human rights, campaigns against investors and funding institutions)

Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung Springe e. V.
(association dedicated to supporting people with mental disabilities and their families)

Landheim Tellkampfschule Hannover e. V.
(a school camp and hostel)