Calibration of BlowerDoor Pressure Gauges

A measuring service provider, somewhat like a car holder, is responsible for the faultless functioning and the accuracy of the measuring devices used. Ensure the excellent measuring accuracy of our digital pressure gauges, which clearly exceeds the minimum requirements of the European Standard EN 13829 and the ISO 9972, by submitting them to regular adjustment and calibration at our BlowerDoor GmbH premises. It is not necessary to make appointments for the calibration of your pressure gauges. You plan when to calibrate and adjust and we guarantee favorable prices at all times.

The Manufacturer's Calibration

The accuracy of our digital pressure gauges is ≥ 0.9 %. The working standards applied by BlowerDoor are based on national and international standards. For each differential pressure channel, we calibrate 24 measuring values in the range from ±1,220 Pa (DG-700) respectively 20 measuring values in the range from ± 2,450 Pa (DG-1000).

At BlowerDoor GmbH, the incoming calibration is followed by the adjustment of the pressure gauges so that deviation errors can be corrected as necessary. The outgoing calibration documents the optimized measuring accuracy of the adjusted pressure gauge. The preceding functional test also checks the tightness of the pressure sensors, the control of the BlowerDoor fan, and the overlay. If necessary, the firmware of older pressure gauges is updated free of charge.

Calibration with DAkkS Certificate

Our calibration with DAkkS certificate is conducted according to a standard defined by the German accreditation body (DAkkS). The national metrology institute, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), provides the national standards indicated with the highest possible accuracy. The maintenance of the testing devices, the calibration process, and the organization of the lab are accredited according to German and European Industrial Standard DIN EN 17025. Like all DAkkS-accredited labs, our calibration lab is tested by an internal audit and by DAkkS at regular intervals.

In the calibration of the pressure gauges according to procedure A, we calibrate a minimum of 15 points in a measuring range of ±1,200 Pa (DG-700) respectively ± 2,450 Pa (DG-1000). If requested by the client, we can measure more points. The calibration cycle is repeated four times.

All our calibrations include a functional test and the adjustment of the measuring device. The firmware of older DG-700 devices will be updated free of charge.

Recommended calibration intervals

  • DG-700/DG-1000: 2 years
  • APT: 1 year
  • Analog pressure gauges: 2 years
    Please note: The analog pressure gauges do not meet the required measuring accuracies of EN ISO 9972. An exchange in case of a defect or deviations is only possible to a limited extent, as these analog gauges are no longer produced. We recommend an upgrade to the digital pressure gauge DG-1000

The national regulations and the requirements of the applicable measurement standard must be observed.

Information about our calibration as well as the current calibration prices can be found in our online store