Bau.Tools BlowerDoor

All-season testing procedure for detecting air leakages with BlowerDoor and thermography

Bau.Tools BlowerDoor software has a new upgrade, offering professional thermographers even more: The differential thermography has been expanded to include sequential analysis, while the user interface has been newly designed at the same time to provide easy and intuitive usability. Bau.Tools BlowerDoor is now avalaible in English, German and French.

Data sheet Bau.Tools BlowerDoor

Bau.Tools BlowerDoor is an all-season testing procedure for detecting air leakages and backflows using BlowerDoor and thermography. Even the slightest temperature and pressure differences are sufficient to quickly and accurately locate leakages and backflows with Bau.Tools BlowerDoor, and then visualize them. Flaws that are hardly or not at all visible in a classic thermogram because of very minor temperature differences at differential pressure are calculated via sequential analysis and precisely visualized. Since the thermogram only shows the changes within the testing period, air leakages and backflows can be accurately distinguished from other problem areas. A new feature is the computer evaluation of all thermograms recorded during the testing period (Sequential Analysis), resulting in a clear and precise image.

Overview of Key Functions

  • Sequential analysis for precisely displaying temperature differences
  • All-season use of Bau.Tools BlowerDoor to reliably visualize air leaks using minimal differences in temperature
  • Even the smallest leaks can be consistently detected
  • Accurate analysis of every leak
  • Integrated video function
  • Free updates and technical support
  • Thermal images can be taken indoors or outdoors
  • New streamlined user interface for intuitive use

The testing procedure only requires very short excitation times by the BlowerDoor System so that any warming or cooling of the building component is kept extremely low. A number of leaks can be analyzed in succession without a loss of quality and can be detected in a reproducible manner. Even minimal temperature differences are sufficient for the sequential analysis, allowing the thermograph to be applied for the most part regardless of climatic conditions, and generally all year round.

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