Measurement Systems

BlowerDoor Standard

With the pressure gauge DG-1000 and the software TECTITE Express 5.1, you can conduct highly accurate automated BlowerDoor tests in accordance with test standard ISO 9972 and EN 13829.

BlowerDoor MiniFan

Our compact BlowerDoor MiniFan System is perfect for use in individual apartments or very airtight or smaller buildings.

BlowerDoor MultipleFan

Modular set-up for universal use:
The BlowerDoor MultipleFan System was developed for airtightness measurements of large buildings with an internal volume of up to 440,000 m³.

Additional Applications

Bau.Tools BlowerDoor

All-season testing procedure for detecting air leakages with BlowerDoor and thermography.

Micro Leakage Meter

Airtightness testing of ventilation duct systems according to German and European Industrial Standard DIN EN 12599

Window and Door

The Window and Door Measurement System allows you to determine the joint permeability of building components in a simple and accurate way.


Door Fan Test for determining of minimum hold time according to ISO 14520:2015 and ISO 14520:2006, EN 15004:2019 and EN 15004:2008 as well as VdS 2380:2019-03 and VdS 2381:2016-06


The portable spraying system for field tests simulating driving rain according to EN 13051


Thermography is ideal for visualizing and documenting leaks, especially in very large or very tall buildings.