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Measuring technology for airtightness: Our competence at BlowerDoor GmbH

Today Minneapolis BlowerDoor Measuring Systems are market leaders in Germany and rank among the most successful measuring devices for airtightness worldwide. With a measuring range of 19 to 17,200 m³/h and the ability to combine several BlowerDoor systems (MultipleFan), the Minneapolis BlowerDoor is universally applicable. The high accuracy of our measuring procedure underline the excellent quality of the BlowerDoor Measurement System. In addition to expert consulting and the distribution of up-to-date measuring technology for airtightness our customers benefit from us passing on know-how and continuously developing our hard and software products.

BlowerDoor GmbH has its premises in the Energie- und Umweltzentrum am Deister about 24 km southwest of Hanover. The 18,000 m² site is home to a number of different companies that successfully implement state-of-the-art energy concepts. It all started with the Ingenieurgemeinschaft Bau + Energie + Umwelt that had been pioneers in Germany since 1989 in the fields of airtightness, BlowerDoor measurements, and BlowerDoor product development in cooperation with the manufacturer The Energy Conservatory in Minneapolis/USA. The expansion of the distribution of BlowerDoor Measuring Systems and the successful hosting of the BlowerDoor Symposia (now BuildAir) led to the founding of BlowerDoor GmbH in 1999. From our premises in Springe-Eldagsen we provide competent and friendly service to our customers in more than 30 European countries.

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Our services

  • Consulting and distribution
  • Calibration of your BlowerDoor fans and BlowerDoor pressure gauges with DAkkS-certificate if needed
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Service at your construction site
  • Index of measurement experts
  • Marketing material
  • Use of BlowerDoor CompetenceCenter
  • BlowerDoor Systems for Rent
  • Technical Support