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05 - 06/10/2022
Join us at the AIVC Conference in Rotterdam!

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FireProtection 2021

FireProtection available with ISO 14520:2015, ISO 14520:2006, EN 15004:2019, EN 15004:2008 and Vds 2380:2019-03 and VdS 2381:2016-06 as a trilingual program.

With the new program, you can now work cloud-based on demand on multiple computers and with multiple employees of a team or a company network. The new pricing adapts to customer requirements with the charging of one token per project and is easy to calculate. Each customer receives a sample measurement to view for the intuitive and free program.

The Pressure Gauge DG-1000

The comeback is extended: Benefit from the trade-in promotion and receive 300.- EUR for your old DG-700 - no matter in which condition - when buying a DG-1000 until 15 October 2022!

With the introduction of the ISO 9972 higher requirements apply to the accuracy of pressure measuring devices for air tightness measurement. The DG-1000 pressure gauge even tops these requirements with a measuring accuracy of 0.9% and delivers reliable measuring results with maximum precision.

BlowerDoor customers appreciate the innovative pressure measuring device for its outstanding functionality and user-friendliness: It was voted 3rd in the haustec reader's choice in the category building envelope in general.


Measurement Technology for Airtightness: The Competence of BlowerDoor GmbH

Minneapolis BlowerDoor measuring systems are market leaders in Germany today and are among the most successful air tightness measuring devices worldwide. With a measuring range of 5 - 2,300 m³/h to 19 - 7,200 m³/h and the ability to combine several BlowerDoor systems, the Minneapolis BlowerDoor is universally applicable.

The outstanding precision and durability of our measuring instruments as well as the transparency of the measuring process underline the high quality of the BlowerDoor measuring system. In addition to qualified consulting and the sale of state-of-the-art measurement technology for airtightness, the calibration of the measurement systems, a comprehensive range of seminars and the continuous further development of hardware and software are services from which our customers benefit.