BlowerDoor MiniFan

Measurement of small air flows

Air change rates of 0.6 and better are quite usual today. The BlowerDoor MiniFan System was specially designed for measuring very tight buildings, individual apartments or for testing the airtightness of research and laboratory buildings (clean rooms). Its measuring range is 5 - 2,300 m³/h, and the handy measuring fan weighs an amazingly light 2.7 kg.

With the new DG-1000 high precision pressure gauge and the TECTITE Express 5.1 software included in the package, you can conduct highly accurate automated, semi-automated or manual BlowerDoor tests in accordance with ISO 9972 and European Standard EN 13829 via a laptop computer. When performing quality assurance tests, the BlowerDoor fan is directly controlled from the DG-1000 pressure gauge and a one-point test without a laptop is conducted at 50 Pascal to detect leakages.

Data sheet BlowerDoor MiniFan

The digital pressure gauge DG-1000

The innovative pressure gauge DG-1000 convinces with its intuitive use, clear structure, and modern design. Its high-resolution touch screen and intelligent micro-processor provide you with the functions of a modern mini-computer. New requirements are constantly fed into the measuring software and users can install and run the latest firmware updates free of charge at any time. The high accuracy of the DG-1000 guarantees reliable measuring results at maximum precision.

The DG-1000 comes equipped with USB and Ethernet ports, as well as an integrated WiFi module. BlowerDoor measurements recording and evaluating a measuring series according to ISO 9972 or EN 13829, are conducted with the TECTITE Express 5.1 software. When performing quality assurance tests, you can search for leakages with the DG-1000 or the TEC Gauge App. The DG-1000 is compatible with all presently existing and new BlowerDoor measuring systems and may also be purchased as an upgrade. According to the manufacturer’s indications, the calibration interval referred to manufacturer's recommendation is 2 years.

BlowerDoor Test according to ISO 9972 and EN 13829

The standard-compliant measuring series is computer-controlled from a laptop with the new software TECTITE Express 5.1. If desired, the data is transferred from the pressure gauge to the laptop wirelessly. The test sequence can be controlled individually and the current measuring values are displayed on the monitor. All collected data is fed into the standard-compliant BlowerDoor rest report for evaluation and documentation.

Preliminary BlowerDoor tests for quality assurance

For a one-point test the measuring fan is controlled directly from the DG-1000 digital pressure gauge (Cruise Control). It is not necessary to use a laptop. The state of the building is tested at constant negative pressure, usually of 50 Pascal. If leakages are detected, they can generally still be easily eliminated during the contruction phase. This enables all lines of contractors to provide quick proof and documentation of the quality of their construction work.

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