BlowerDoor MultipleFan

Airtightness measurements of large buildings

 To conduct airtightness tests in large buildings, simply combine several BlowerDoor fans (BlowerDoor MultipleFan): With up to three fans per door opening, Germany’s leading measuring system for airtightness easily masters even large air-flow rates!

The BlowerDoor MultipleFan system consists of three BlowerDoor fans and two digital DG-700 pressure gauges, and was developed for airtightness measurements of large buildings with an envelope area of approximately 7,000 to 36,000 m² or an internal volume of up to 440,000 m³. As a modular system, the MultipleFan system can be used for testing larger industrial and administrative buildings, but also for single-family homes and apartment buildings using one or two BlowerDoor fans.

With the BlowerDoor MultipleFan system (three fans) plus the TECLOG software, you can conduct and record airtightness measurements with an air flow rate of approximately 21,600 m³/h. The pressure gauges and controls form a compact unit close to the measuring equipment. The fans are centrally computer-controlled from your laptop via a serial data cable or the optional WiFi-Link.

Data sheet BlowerDoor MultipleFan

The most important software functions

  • Clear and compact test set-up
  • Optional BlowerDoor WiFi
  • Simultaneous control of all BlowerDoor fans using a single laptop
  • Automatic recording of measuring periods
  • Real-time display of the air-flow rate allows you to analyze the measuring results on site
  • Recording of several building pressure differentials helps with measuring very large buildings with complex floor plans
  • MultipleFan with 3 fans allows distribution of fans (2 + 1) in different door openings to achieve constant pressure distribution in very large buildings
  • Data and comments are recorded in one file
  • Automatic shutdown when limit pressure is reached

Modular Set-up for Universal Application

To conduct BlowerDoor measurements in very large and possibly very leaky residential and commercial buildings, the modular set-up of the BlowerDoor measuring technology allows you to combine several MultipleFan Systems, if necessary.

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