BlowerDoor Advent calendar

2 December


The first self-made Advent calendar probably dates from 1851 and came from the Protestant environment. As a counting aid and timekeeper, families gradually hung 24 pictures on the wall. A simpler version was one with 24 chalk strokes painted on the wall or door, where children were allowed to wipe away one stroke each day. In Catholic households, a straw was placed in a manger every day until Christmas Eve. Other forms of the Advent calendar included the Christmas clock or an Advent candle that was burned each day until the next mark.

In 1903, the Munich publisher Gerhard Lang introduced a printed calendar to the market. It consisted of a sheet with 24 pictures to cut out and a sheet with 24 squares to stick on. Every day during Advent, the children were allowed to cut out a picture and stick it in a field.

1 December

Have a great Advent season!

As the general agency for BlowerDoor measurement technology in Europe, we present Christmas traditions and Christmas rituals from our partner countries every day behind each door in this year's Advent calendar.

The BlowerDoor team wishes a wonderful and peaceful pre-Christmas season across all borders!